Corporate Insolvency Personal Insolvency Reconstructions

 Corporate Insolvency Personal Insolvency Reconstructions

Our Insolvency And Restructuring Focus

At CharterLaw Legal we recognise that business in Australia can be ‘hard going”. Despite a client’s best efforts and skill, not every business is successful. Insolvency advice and litigation is a specialised area of the law in which CharterLaw Legal is well equipped to provide assistance.

Our team provides advice and litigation assistance not only to insolvency practitioners and bankruptcy trustees but we can also assist financially distressed companies and trusts, directors and individuals to deal with the worry and uncertainty that arises when a business or person becomes insolvent and/or when some form of insolvency restructure is necessary.

CharterLaw Legal also has considerable tax based insolvency expertise in both corporate and personal insolvency when it comes to assisting insolvency practitioners to ensure that their relevant administration is tax compliant.

We can provide technical, strategic insolvent and tax functional advice and litigation assistance in the following areas

  • Bankruptcy including acting for the trustee or liquidator  in respect of a liquidation in relation to regularly recurring issues such as preference recoveries, resolution of POD claims and PPSA issues that may arise
  • Corporate Administrations
  • Business reconstruction and workouts
  • Insolvent Trading by directors – defences and recoveries
  • Corporate Receiverships
  • Corporate Insolvency litigation and dispute resolution
  • Insolvency risk management and protection
  • Corporate Liquidations
  • Debtor preference defence advice and litigation assistance
  • Corporate and personal public examinations
  • Secured Creditor actions
  • Debtor defences to secured creditor enforcement or the wrongful appointment of a receiver and manager
  • Taxation and GST implications for insolvency practitioners