CharterLaw Legal commenced business on 1 September 2015.
CharterLaw offers an integrated legal and accounting service through CharterLaw Legal and CharterLaw Accounting.
CharterLaw Legal Pty Limited and CharterLaw Accounting Pty Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of CharterLaw Professional Services Pty Limited.

We believe that business and innovation are the essential drivers in today’s society and that law and lawyers play an increasingly important part in keeping the complex machinery of business working like clockwork.

CharterLaw also recognises that business in Australia needs to be flexible, innovative and informed. As such, whilst informed legal advice is essential for commercial effectiveness and risk management, the implementation of effective long term commercial strategies by business clients also requires integrated access to accounting and accounting advice on fundraising, management and reporting.

At CharterLaw Legal, we will continue to offer our current range of advisory, transaction and litigation services in the areas of commercial, taxation, construction, estate planning, trade practices, financial services and property law.

At CharterLaw Accounting, we offer a full range of accountancy, tax and business advisory services that are designed to assist CharterLaw clients to achieve their business and financial objectives. Combined, we are able to provide a seamless and collaborative legal and accounting service.

Our team takes pride in fostering our client relationships by providing quality technical advice and representation designed to achieve tailored client solutions.

CharterLaw Legal Firm